Curious about DrupalEasy’s Professional Module Development Course? We’ve got a free webinar for that!

Published July 5, 2023

Join us at 10:00 am ET on July 14, 2023 for a Closer Look at Professional Module Development, a new no-cost mini-webinar that provides an overview of what the two versions of our Professional Module Development course covers and insight into all of the benefits and resources that come with it. The Full version of the Summer 2023 session begins August 8, with the Lite version starting August 22nd.  

The 30-minute Closer Look webinar includes a curriculum overview, including the topics and modules that you will build during both the 90-hour full version and the 60-hour Lite version of the course. The curriculum and all materials of the PMD are continually updated to ensure that participants are learning the latest version and best practices.  

Mike Anello (@ultimike) will also cover who might benefit from the course, and the awesome resources that registration provides, including becoming part of the active DrupalEasy Learning Community and weekly office hours both during and after the course and access to screen casts and class recordings in perpetuity. Sign up for a Closer Look at Professional Module Development.

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