Installing Acquia Commons on Acquia Dev Desktop

As part of a Drupal workshop that I'm teaching (the Drupal Career Starter Program), we've been discussing Acquia Commons. Our discussions led us to decide to have a local meetup specifically to learn more about it.

Since we expect a number of newbies at the meetup, I figured I post a quick video showing how to get Commons up-and-running using Acquia Dev Desktop. I found it to be a little bit tricky, mainly because the memory requirements for Commons are a bit higher than for core Drupal. The video shows how to tweak a couple of memory setting in the php.ini file.

NOTE: If you're using the Windows version of Acquia Dev Desktop, you can ignore the "apc.shm_size" change - it isn't used in Windows!

In the video, I mention that Windows users might need to utilize an alternative file extraction program to open the tar.gz file that contains Acquia Commons. One possible option is 7-zip.

Additionally, the two php.ini memory-related changes that I make are:

  • memory_limit = 256M (original value is 128M)
  • apc.shm_size = 64M (original value is 32M)

To learn more about php.ini files and what exactly APC (Alternative PHP Cache) does, check out the following links:

Direct link to the video on


Memory necessities for Commons are somewhat higher than for center Drupal. Data and guidelines to change memory setting were essential for writing service UK configuration.

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