"Blue Collar Git" Workshop Will Debut at DrupalCamp Charlotte

Published May 8, 2012

Great feedback from my "Tinkertoy Git" Tampa meetup and DrupalCamp Nashville presentation has inspired me to make it bigger. Much bigger. The expanded full-day "Blue Collar Git" workshop covers not only the basics of the distributed version control system, but also delves into remote repositories, resolving conflicts, and working with patches. It will be part presentation, part hands-on, with the goal of empowering participants with the knowledge and confidence to start leveraging Git for their every day workflow.

Andrew Riley from Mediacurrent and I are teaming up to offer the first Blue Collar Git workshop on Friday, June 8 as part of DrupalCamp Charlotte (also part of the Southeast LinuxFest). The cost is only $149 for the full day if you register during the month of May. Seats are limited.

As background; the genesis for the presentation and workshop came from a video of a 2010 Open Source Developers Conference session titled "Git for Ages 4 and Up" by Michael Schwern (original video no longer available, linked video is very similar). His use of Tinkertoys really helped me solidify my knowledge of Git, and motivated me to teach Git to people using a similar method.

Like most Drupal developers, I made the switch to Git shortly after the Drupal project moved to Git (early 2011). After years of struggling with both CVS and SVN, I decided to switch all of our current and future projects to Git and haven't looked back. As part of the process, I read numerous Git-related books and blogs (here's a partial list), and even hired a Git expert to assist (and teach me) during a particularly tricky SVN-to-Git migration for a client. Without a doubt, the decision to move to Git has streamlined our processes and has made me a better developer.

I'd love to get some feedback on what resources or learning techniques you used to learn Git so that we can share that with our students. What flipped the switch on your Git lightbulb? What one Git resource can you not live without? What is your favorite feature of Git? Let me know in the comments below!

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