BYOD (Bring Your Own Developers) Drupal Career Training

With four sessions graduating more than 60 People over the past four years, there's no doubt that the Drupal Career Starter Program can bring aspiring developers from zero to hero in just a matter of a few months. Imagine what it can do for you, or your people, who are already developers, but need to be trained up in Drupal. We have, and are making it highly accessible in a live, online format designed to fit into working schedules.

The upcoming Drupal Career Online training program kicks off in just about a month, and your organization now has the ability to choose the developer(s) that match well to your team and leverage our unique, holistic training to turn them into a solid member of your Drupal development team.

Drupal Career Online is the virtual version of the Drupal Career Starter Program, designed to be accessible to anyone with an internet connection and a desire to become a Drupal professional. The 12-week long program includes:

  • Two 3.5-hour live online sessions each week taught by a live instructor.
  • One 4-hour live online lab session each week with a mix of assigned tasks, homework, review, and uninterrupted access to the instructor.
  • More than 200 pages of handout and reference documents in PDF format.
  • 22 hours of screencasts covering the main topics of each lesson.
  • An emphasis on using the tools, methods, and best practices of the Drupal community (including IRC and Git).
  • A dedicated class web site containing access to all course materials and self-assessment quizzes for each lesson.

The curriculum covers a strong focus on Drupal fundamentals and best practices, starting with Drupal's "big five" (content types, taxonomy, menus, block/regions/themes, and users/roles/permissions), before moving on to intermediate topics such as Views, Panels, and Context. Along the way we'll have focus weeks on module development, theming, and Git.

Have a developer that already knows PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript or any combination? Our experience has shown that these types of developers can more easily and more quickly transition into a Drupal career with structured training that links their current knowledge with Drupal best practices and methods.

The Drupal Career Starter Program has taken people with zero initial knowledge of Drupal and turned them into full-time Drupal professionals. Check out some testimonials and a case study or two.

If you're looking to train up your team, no matter the size, for a Drupal project, contact us to talk about a group discount or how we can best help get your team where they need to be.


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