Launching into 2023 with new stuff!

Published December 30, 2022

New DrupalEasy logoIf you've visited anytime in the past couple of weeks, you may have noticed that we've got a refreshed logo, a revitalized podcast, and a remarkable new long-form module development course!

First, we decided that it was time for an updated logo - something we haven't had since the start of our company. The updated logo incorporates the new "tilted drop" design element referring to both our Drupal roots and a capital letter "D" for DrupalEasy, of course! We retained the lime green color that we've grown accustomed to, and will be using this new design element in various new ways moving forward.

The DrupalEasy podcast, which began 14(!) years ago, had been on an extended hiatus for almost 2 years - mainly due to a lack of bandwidth on our part - but we figured out a way to keep it going in the future in a sustainable manner. Rather than committing to a new episode every two weeks, we will now release 2-3 "seasons" per year, with each season composed of 6-8 episodes. Season 14 (an obvious reference to our 14th year) has already debuted, and the remaining episodes have all been recorded and will be released over the next month or so. Each season will have a theme - S14's theme is "how to": each episode will focus on how to accomplish a specific Drupal-related task.

Finally, and you may have heard about this already, but we are super-excited to be launching an all-new, long-form Drupal module development workshop: Professional Module Development. This 90-hour class (over 15 weeks) will help you improve your skills to a professional level - including automated tests, various code quality tools, and commonly-used Drupal APIs and techniques. 

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