Long-form Professional Module Development course debuts in 2023!

Published December 15, 2022

Professional Module Development logoAfter a year of preparation and beta testing, DrupalEasy is thrilled to announce our newest long-form course; Professional Module Development! Building on our flagship Drupal Career Online course, Professional Module Development delivers the same level of best-practice-focused training in the authentic manner we are known for. This latest professional development program debuts January 31, 2023. 

Author and architect for the PMD, (and Drupal Career Online) Michael Anello (ultimike), infused his 15+ years of experience as a full-time Drupal developer and trainer into Professional Module Development, crafting it in the same thoughtful and methodical way to ensure aspiring Drupal module developers can master the necessary skills to serve their clients and the Drupal community in the most effective manner possible. 

The course is designed as two versions; the full version accommodates those who are looking for a complete foundation of module development topics, while the lite version serves those who need only the core topics of the course. Both the full and lite versions cover topics including plugins, services and dependency injection, custom forms, Drupal hooks, as well as the Drupal Batch and Queue APIs. The lite version runs about 60 hours. 

The full 90-hour version expands further into topics like developer tools (PhpStan, phpcs), IDEs (both Visual Studio Code and PhpStorm), using Xdebug with DDEV and Lando, Drupal events, custom Drush commands, and caching.

To ensure the unrivaled quality that DrupalEasy training is committed to, 17 Drupal Career Online alumni recently completed a beta test of the full version of the course. The vast majority of participants that submitted the post-course survey indicated that they were "very satisfied" with the course, and 100% indicated they would recommend it. 

This is a great class, I am much more confident in my module building and have improved my coding standards... A "must do" for anyone who wants to write code that you can share with confidence.
Adam Bauer, Summer 2022

Excellent course - cannot recommend highly enough! Covers all the necessary topics in great detail. 
Ian Finlay, Summer 2022

The cost for the full version of the course is $3,500 (lite version is $2,500). Special rates are available for Drupal Career Online alumni, non-profit organizations, and groups of 3 or more students.

The full version begins on January 31, 2023 and the lite version begins on February 14, 2023.

All Professional Module Development participants have access to the DrupalEasy Learning Community, a set of features that enhances each student's experience and provides opportunities for the student to become more effective Drupal professionals for themselves, their organization, and the Drupal community. Aspects of the DrupalEasy Learning Community include weekly office hours, event gurus, and our alumni network.

The full schedule, registration deadlines, and more information about the class can be found at https://www.drupaleasy.com/academy/pmd/course-information

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