DrupalEasy Podcast 71: The College Years

Prolific Drupal contributor Dave Reid joins Ryan Price and Mike Anello on the first DrupalEasy podcast of 2012. They discuss the Meta Tags module (and why it’s not just for SEO anymore), Drupal’s security team, Drupal 8’s WSCCI initiative, the increasing complexity of Drupal’s code and the decreasing number of core contributors.

Five Four Stories

  1. Dave Reid (Dave Reid on Drupal.org)
  2. Rethinking WSCCI
  3. Drupal core office hours update
  4. Is the Web Dead? chx says no 

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..and the decreasing number of core contributors.

The number of core developers is not decreasing, not at all. It has increased more or less linearly with each major version, from 300 or so in Drupal 4.7 to nearly 1000 in Drupal 7. Furthermore, as of Dec. 19, 485 people already had commit mentions for Drupal 8--twice as many as there were by the same point in the Drupal 7 cycle. So, core is thriving, and more and more people are getting involved.

What is decreasing is the ratio of developers to open issues, or developers to Drupal users, because the latter two quantities appear at a casual glance to be increasing geometrically rather than linearly. So that ratio goes down. This may be inevitable, though.

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