DrupalEasy Podcast

Started in 2009, the DrupalEasy Podcast is a weekly review of new developments and announcements in the worldwide Drupal community with regular appearances by notable Drupal community contributors. Rotating co-hosts Andrew Riley, Anna Kalata, Kelley Curry, Michael Anello, Ryan Price, and Ted Bowman bring their collected experience and geeky obsessions to the virtual airwaves to enlighten, inform, and (sometimes) entertain Drupal hobbyists and professionals around the world. Subscribe in iTunes, Stitcher, directly from our feed, or your favorite podcast directory.

DrupalEasy Podcast 24: Lots to Talk About

Join Ryan Price and Mike Anello as they prove that without adult supervision, they can create podcasts as long as anyone. Andrew Riley was snatched by aliens again, so it was up to Ryan and Mike to cover 4 weeks worth of news on a single podcast. Listen in as they discuss the biggest story in the Drupal universe this year (hint: it rhymes with "kitemouse.luv"), $50 lunches, unfortunate verbage, and Mike's new favorite book. (Shhh - don't tell Andrew - we actually have 6 stories in our "5 stories" segment).

DrupalEasy Podcast 15: Making Things Easier

This week's podcast brings Andrew, Ryan, and Mike back together to discuss Drupal news from the past few weeks. From Panels 3 to $18 million web sites, we'll get you up-to-speed on the latest happenings in the Drupal Community. We also picked 4 winners for our recent book giveaways, so be sure to listen in to see if you've got a free book coming.

DrupalEasy Podcast 12: Leveling the Playing Fields

We're back together for another news-based DrupalEasy podcast covering some of the latest Drupal-related (and sometimes not-so-related) happenings in the Drupal community. Join Andrew Riley, Ryan Price, and myself (Mike Anello) as we discuss Opera Unite, the next version of Drupal and CCK, an upcoming Drupal-powered intranet package. As always, we also make our Picks of the Week and Site of the Week.