Ryan's 5 Session Picks for DrupalCon DC

Published March 3, 2009

In the most recent DrupalEasy Podcast we talked about a few sessions we're looking forward to at DrupalCon DC. Here are my picks and a few reasons why I'm interested.

  1. Limitations of the Drupal Theme Layer; this appears to be something very useful for folks who deal with designers (graphic or information) who want to put the standard drupal interface elements in unorthodox places.
  2. OpenID, Drupal, and the Open Web; a topic that is dear to my heart, and one I would be interested in assisting with easier adoption of these paradigms. Things like OAuth, Microformats, Portable Contacts and others are dead simple to implement, and they can be used in unknown ways, which is great for mashups and data portability.
  3. Going Live: Content Scheduling with Slot Machine; this project was originally developed for FastCompany, but the story I heard is that they abandoned it part way through the project. I would like to hear more about this module, designed for magazine editors to give them fine-grained, automated control over their home page.
  4. Boosting Our Raw Capacity to Provide Drupal Training; since we're now doing training as DrupalEasy, I'm interested in meeting and talking to other folks about this subject.
  5. Parties! Morten from Denmark has been declared the King of Parties, and I know my favorite part of geek events is the socialization. 1300+ drupallers descending on our nation's capitol will be a sight to see! hastags and flickr streams, beware!

I also think the keynotes by Dries, Chris Messina and David Wienberger are really going to rock. We will be liveblogging during at least the State of Drupal event, so watch this blog for updates!

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