Keeping up with DrupalEasy

Published January 4, 2023

Pixel art of a megaphone. With all the new stuff we have in 2023, now is a great time to ensure that you're keeping up with DrupalEasy in the way(s) that suit you the most. Whether you are active on social media, listen to podcasts, or just want to keep up via email, we've got what you need to ensure you never miss out on upcoming DrupalEasy classes and consulting offerings. 

Keeping up with DrupalEasy can also be financially beneficial, as we sometimes offer discount codes to our courses exclusively to those that follow us in a particular medium. 

Social media

No matter where you like to hang out on social media, chances are that we're there as well:


The DrupalEasy Podcast, one of the longest-running Drupal-focused podcasts, has recently updated its format and schedule to seasonal. Season 14 debuted recently with af "How to"  theme - each episode of season 14 is focused on how to accomplish a specific Drupal-related task. Listen directly on or just search for DrupalEasy in your favorite podcast app (or on YouTube!)

RSS / Drupal Planet

If you're a bit of a Drupal news junkie, then chances are you're familiar with either RSS or Drupal Planet - or both. In that case, we have you covered as well with our RSS feed (which is automatically pulled into Drupal Planet). 


Finally, if you want to maximize your signal-to-noise ratio, then there's no better option than just subscribing to the DrupalEasy newsletter. Delivered to your inbox once per month, it’s the best direct source of information from us to you. Subscribe using the quick form that appears in the footer of every page of  

The pixel art image used in this blog post was generated by the DALL-E project of OpenAI.  

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