10 Links to Help Recruit People to Drupal Careers

Published July 26, 2021

It’s been 10 years of not only teaching Drupal Career Online; but also working to attract people into Drupal careers as we market and do outreach for our 12-week course. We’ve made presentations to local and state workforce boards, the national workforce association, many Drupal Camp and Con sessions, and correspond with individuals, businesses, potential education partners and field inquiries every week about Drupal, working in Drupal and the DCO from all over the world.  We've become a bit of a Drupal recruiter

After a decade of explaining what Drupal is, finding answers, and collecting some pretty good information, we’ve compiled a solid list of Drupal Career Resources, now a fixture on our site. So, in the spirit of our Top 10 List anniversary series, here is a good one to use when you run into someone who you think might be a good addition to the Drupal Community, but needs some insight and background. Let us know if you have any other great resources; and go forth and attract.

#1:  Web Developers and Digital Designers Occupational Outlook HandbookThe facts on web developer careers from the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor statistics with a lot of great info., including a description of the job, geographic salary information, as well as future job prospects. 

#2: How do I get a Job In Drupal?The OS Training interview with our own MIke Anello: An oldie but a goody; with links to the audio of the expert-rich Drupal Career Trailhead panel presentation at DrupalCon Austin 2015. 

#3: Indeed Build a Career You’ll Love: Drupal DeveloperIndeed’s career overview, including links to average salaries, geographic statistics, job openings, common benefits and salary comparisons.

#4 Drupal Statistics & FactsA fun piece about Drupal history, facts and how it compares to other CMSs.

#5: Everything you need to know Before Starting a Drupal CareerLondon-based Cocoon provides a good, honest description of the elements, issues and steps to a Drupal Career. 

#6 Case Study: AmyJune HinelineSome inspiration and insight from a DCO alumna, and winner of the Drupal Community’s 2021 Aaron Winborn Award.

 #7 Drupal for DevelopersGreat descriptions and material on the markets and opportunities for developers considering Drupal as a CMS

#8 Drupical.comInteractive map with a calendar of Drupal events all over the world.

#9 DCO Scholarship PageWe can't help but promote the three amazing scholarship programs through Palantir.net, Bounteous and the Drupal Association that are helping to attract more, and more diverse Drupal talent!

#10 Taste of Drupal registrationThe sign-up sheet to attend the Taste of Drupal no-cost mini information webinars that Mike Anello leads in advance of the Spring and Fall sessions of the DCO. Next TOD is August 11!

The deadline to apply for the Fall 2021 session of Drupal Career Online is August 27th, with classes beginning August 30.  


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