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DDEV integration plugin for PhpStorm can increase your Drupal development efficiency

Published May 27, 2023

If you use DDEV and PhpStorm, then the DDEV Integration plugin should definitely interest you (especially if you're into code quality tools like phpcs and PhpStan). If you don't use DDEV and PhpStorm, then the DDEV Integration plugin might entice you to take a fresh look...

Updating the DrupalEasy.com codebase to use Composer 2

Published December 30, 2020

After teaching folks how to use Composer effectively over the past couple of years, I figured it was time for me to (finally) update DrupalEasy.com to use Composer 2. I figured it would be a pretty easy process, and I was correct.

I've had a few people ask me about the process, so I thought I'd write up what it took to update this site to Composer 2. First a few facts about this codebase:

Drupal 8 and Composer - working with cloned dependencies

Published June 8, 2019

If you use the Drupal Composer Drupal Project template for managing your Drupal 8 site’s codebase, and you commit dependencies to your Git repository, then you’ve probably run into issues involving cloned dependencies. Sometimes when requiring a dependency via Composer, you end up with a cloned version (which includes a .git directory) instead of a release version. 

Layout Builder in core - first impressions

Published May 28, 2019

I recently decided to begin rebuilding the various landing pages on DrupalEasy.com using Layout Builder, introduced as a stable module to Drupal 8.7 core. Prior to this, the various landing pages on the site had been built using Paragraphs module.

While I appreciate what Paragraphs module can do as a layout tools for individual entities, I learned the hard way that perhaps it isn't the best tool for the job of building landing pages.