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Started in 2009, the DrupalEasy Podcast is a weekly review of new developments and announcements in the worldwide Drupal community with regular appearances by notable Drupal community contributors. Rotating co-hosts Andrew Riley, Anna Kalata, Kelley Curry, Michael Anello, Ryan Price, and Ted Bowman bring their collected experience and geeky obsessions to the virtual airwaves to enlighten, inform, and (sometimes) entertain Drupal hobbyists and professionals around the world. Subscribe in iTunes, Stitcher, directly from our feed, or your favorite podcast directory.

DrupalEasy Podcast 50: DrupalCon Sessions with Greg Dunlap

Our guest for this milestone 50th podcast is "heyrocker" Greg Dunlap, who is the Co-Chair of the DrupalCon Programming Committee, as well as the chair of the Community track at the 2011 Chicago DrupalCon. Greg works at NodeOne, and he is a contributor to such modules as Services and Advanced Poll. In this episode, Andrew, Mike and Ryan ask Greg about Session selection at DrupalCons past, present and future. Greg would also like to thank his co-chair Matt Farina, who was unable to join us this time around.

DrupalEasy Podcast 49: Drupal 7 Theming with John Albin Wilkins

Drupal 7 Module Development book coverJohn Albin Wilkins (JohnAlbin on Drupal.org), co-author of Packt Publishing's new Drupal 7 Module Development as well as one of the main contributors of Drupal 7's theme layer, joined Ryan Price and Mike Anello to talk about theming in Drupal 7.

The discussion provides a nice overview of theming in Drupal 7 as well as what new features themers can expect when they dive in. Topics covered include the new "render elements" and hook_page_alter(). John also explained what themers can expect when upgrading a theme from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 as well as how enjoyable he finds working in Drupal 7.

DrupalEasy Podcast 48: Leave the Cat, Take the Cannolis

Drupal 7 RC2, worldwide release parties, Drupalcon Chicago sessions, and Larry Garfield's stellar post about Drupal's audiences lead the way as Andrew, Ryan, and Mike get together for another DrupalEasy podcast. Listen in as they talk about Wolfgang's Master's Degree, Mike stumbles trying to extract meaning from Crell's mind, and they all get excited about the potential increase in DrupalCon session quality.

DrupalEasy Podcast 46: Critical Issues

Andrew Riley is joined by Mike Anello this episode to discuss important news in the Drupal universe that you need to know about! In this week's episode, the discussion centers around Drupal 7 beta 3, DrupalCon Chicago (registration now open!), things you wish you knew when you started using Drupal, and many other topics.

DrupalEasy Podcast 45: Does the Pope Wear Pants?

Listen in as Andrew Riley, Mike Anello, and (the time-machine version of) Ryan Price discuss Drupal 7 beta 1, improving the quality of DrupalCon Presentations, the Pope's pants, Certified to Rock updates, DrupalEasy groupies, Drupad, and other topics that may or may not have anything to do with the Drupal universe.

DrupalEasy Podcast 44: Andrew's Workbox

Listen in as Andrew, Ryan, and Mike are joined by special guests Jake Strawn and Michelle Lauer as they discuss DrupalCon Copenhagen, Drupal 7, Drupal's new Code of Conduct, and more. Jake and Michelle just returned from Copenhagen and provide their insight on the largest European DrupalCon event yet. 

The Outbreak Monkey

Listen in a Andrew, Ryan, and Mike discuss Drupal news from the past week. In this week's episode, we discuss core themes, open source software licenses, HTML5, and metaphors (among other things).