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Perfecting the Art of Drupal Talent Development

Drupal Career Online Fellowships enrich their corporate characterWhen George DeMet and Tiffany Farriss brought into being in 1996, they sought to create an organization that strives for excellence not only in client services, but also in a collaborative, creative environment in which its staff brings out the best in each other. They also believe that the more diverse that staff, the better their corporate culture can achieve excellence on all fronts.When you chat with George, Tiffany, or really any Palantiri, you realize these guidelines are not just words in a value statement; collaboration and creativity truly are the

Keeping up with DrupalEasy

With all the new stuff we have in 2023, now is a great time to ensure that you're keeping up with DrupalEasy in the way(s) that suit you the most. Whether you are active on social media, listen to podcasts, or just want to keep up via email, we've got what you need to ensure you never miss out on upcoming DrupalEasy classes and consulting offerings. Keeping up with DrupalEasy can also be financially beneficial, as we sometimes offer discount codes to our courses exclusively to those that follow us in a particular medium. Social media No matter where you

Launching into 2023 with new stuff!

If you've visited anytime in the past couple of weeks, you may have noticed that we've got a refreshed logo, a revitalized podcast, and a remarkable new long-form module development course! First, we decided that it was time for an updated logo - something we haven't had since the start of our company. The updated logo incorporates the new "tilted drop" design element referring to both our Drupal roots and a capital letter "D" for DrupalEasy, of course! We retained the lime green color that we've grown accustomed to, and will be using this new design element in various

ChatGPT explains why you should learn more Drupal

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence based chat system developed by the same folks behind DALL-E, one of the recent AI based image generation services. We decided to play around with ChatGPT's capabilities by asking it about learning Drupal, considering our upcoming Drupal Career Online and Professional Module Development long-form courses that we have starting in late January and early February. Below are ChatGPT's (amazingly) unedited responses. Prompt: Tell me why learning to be a professional Drupal developer is a good thing. There are several reasons why learning to be a professional Drupal developer can be a good thing: Demand for

Time to Learn: Training at at the DrupalEasy Pace

Our philosophyRetaining and comprehending information is key to successfully learning and correctly applying what you learn; and it takes time and effort to fully comprehend and retain information. Training: time well spentDrupal is not easy to learn, so we ensure our training programs include schedules generous enough to support the goal of retention and comprehension while factoring in real-life work and life demands. Long-form DrupalEasy courses are paced at a manageable level - usually about 10 hours per week, with never more than 3.5 hours in a single day. Training is important…sometimes critical, but that doesn’t mean it should be

Long-form Professional Module Development course debuts in 2023!

After a year of preparation and beta testing, DrupalEasy is thrilled to announce our newest long-form course; Professional Module Development! Building on our flagship Drupal Career Online course, Professional Module Development delivers the same level of best-practice-focused training in the authentic manner we are known for. This latest professional development program debuts January 31, 2023. Author and architect for the PMD, (and Drupal Career Online) Michael Anello (ultimike), infused his 15+ years of experience as a full-time Drupal developer and trainer into Professional Module Development, crafting it in the same thoughtful and methodical way to ensure aspiring Drupal module developers

Mike Anello (ultimike) featured on RedHat's Compiler podcast

The RedHat Compiler podcast presents perspectives, topics, and insights from the industry free from jargon and judgment and I was lucky enough to be one of the guests in episode 31 talking about how to find a common language when teaching Drupal to those new to the platform with a diverse set of backgrounds - both cultural and technical. Turns out the origin story of our 12-week, best-practice based, beginner-focused Drupal Career Online course is pretty interesting to more folks than just us! We had the opportunity to share some of the challenges we discovered (and overcame) when starting the

Drupal Talent Scholarships. Because if we’re not growing, we’re stagnant

One of the challenges of growing and keeping an open source community vibrant is attracting individuals and helping them to understand the opportunities the technology offers, how they can master it, and how they can get a job. Those who may want to point their careers toward Drupal often don’t know how to get started, where to find a path, nor have the resources to do it. It can be a daunting undertaking that has likely caused more than a few people to move on to traditional careers with paths that are more clear and accessible. We started Drupal Career

Are cheatsheets still a thing for Drupal developers?

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been looking for Drupal-related cheatsheets for developers. I went through my old notes, asked students and alumni of Drupal Career Online, and posed the question on both Twitter and LinkedIn. While I did receive some feedback, I'm starting to get the feeling that cheatsheets aren't really used all that often for neither new or experienced developers. This is a bit of a shame, since they can be so useful. In the past, I would have defined a cheatsheet as something that one could print out on a single page of standard paper (and

The DrupalEasy Learning Community; it’s Official!

Since we started Drupal Career Online over a decade ago, our 12-week best-practice focused course has grown and evolved; not only in the area of curriculum, but also in the resources we provide around it in an effort to create a truly holistic learning experience for students. Until now, we’ve referred to these aspects of our program loosely as our "learning community." The thing is, it’s grown into quite an extraordinary, multi-facetted body of people and programs that continues to develop beyond our early plans and goals. With the extensive breadth and reach these elements have grown to include, it’s

Another Drupal Career Online Semester in the Books - Congrats to our 12 Graduates!

Congratulations to the twelve newest graduates of DrupalEasy's Drupal Career Online training course! Over the past three months, Mike Anello (ultimike), Mauricio Dinarte (dinarcon), and Sara Cartee-Kennedy (capysara) provided more than thirteen hours of live instruction and office hours each week to these outstanding new Drupalers: Brandon Akers Tara Anderson Liz Brooks Jason Bugiada Charles Fannin Ian Finlay Lisa Knutson K-Leigh Marbury Charishma Nuthakki Jeremy O'Brien Travis Porchia Yang Turner While many of this semester's graduates are already employed in Drupal-related jobs (and were looking to improve their skills), there were also four folks brand-new to Drupal who were generously

The DrupalEasy Learning Community takes on DrupalCon Portland 2022

About 1,300 people attended DrupalCon Portland, the first in-person DrupalCon since 2019, including a healthy smattering of Drupal Career Online current students, alumni, staff, and mentors. As we made our way through the week, it was not only the sessions and networking I found interesting, but also the insights and points of view of our diverse Learning Community. I thought it would be interesting to get their takes on the DrupalCon experience. Drupal Career Online is a 12-week, 2x/week, best-practice focused Drupal training course. Our next semester begins August 29, 2022. In addition to two current DCO students, several alumni

10 Links to Help Recruit People to Drupal Careers

It’s been 10 years of not only teaching Drupal Career Online; but also working to attract people into Drupal careers as we market and do outreach for our 12-week course. We’ve made presentations to local and state workforce boards, the national workforce association, many Drupal Camp and Con sessions, and correspond with individuals, businesses, potential education partners and field inquiries every week about Drupal, working in Drupal and the DCO from all over the world. We've become a bit of a Drupal recruiter. After a decade of explaining what Drupal is, finding answers, and collecting some pretty good information, we’ve

Diversifying Drupal with Talent Development: Stars are Aligning!

As we kick off our outreach for the upcoming Fall 2021 session of Drupal Career Online, (our 10th year!) we can’t help but marvel, with a bit of pride, as we reflect on how cool it is that our small company has such a big-impact program for people who want to become part of our ever-impressive open source community. We’ve served stellar students, continue to have fantastic collaborations, and through it all, our Drupal Career Online program has grown, gotten better and attracted new Drupal talent to the community every one of the 10 years we’ve been presenting it. But

Introducing the Drupal Career Online Spring 2021 Class

We're halfway through the 12-week Spring 2021 Drupal Career Online semester, with a wonderful group of nine Drupal students. We are just finishing up our spring break/independent study week, and looking forward to diving into module and theme development, followed by team workflows, the configuration system, and more before we confer their certificates at graduation on May 19th. During the first half of the course, we spent lots of time with information architecture (entities, bundles, and fields) as well as Composer, Drush, and Git topics. Some insight on this semester's class: Includes students from 3 countries. There are one or