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Introducing the Drupal Career Online Spring 2020 Class

Published March 10, 2020
The Spring 2020 class of our Drupal Career Online course is off to a great start with a (sold out!) group of ten amazing students from across the United States. During the 12 weeks, we'll be diving deep into Git, Composer, information architecture, site-building, module and theme development, development workflows, and so, so, so much more! This semester's class includes students with a wide range of technical backgrounds and experiences. Some quick stats: Includes students from all four U.S. time zones. Includes Windows, Mac OS, and Linux users. Some students with Drupal 7 experience and some who are new to

Make 2019 the Year of Drupal Talent Development

Published January 30, 2019
All sorts of organizations have made their predictions and proclamations about what 2019 will be the year of... Some say it is the Year of Optimism and growth for helicopters , others, …of the Hack & Slash , … of indigenous languages , …of the electric SUV , and even the International Year of the Salmon. It all comes down to what someone sees as an important aspect of their field to promote or what is or should be a trend. DrupalEasy would therefore like propose we make 2019 the Year of Drupal Talent Development . As an active member

Market Driven Recruiting: Affinity Hiring, Train as Needed

Published August 13, 2018
Drupal Career Online Case Study: Rosewood Marketing Like their arboreal namesake, Rosewood Marketing is amazingly sound and particularly suited for very specific applications. Where the Rosewood tree serves to form the structure of certain fine musical instruments, billiard cues and chess pieces, Rosewood Marketing serves as a bridge for dozens of Amish and Mennonite small businesses to mainstream society. Their growth and development over the 22-year span of their success is not just in their marketing prowess, but in their inherent, sincere understanding of their client culture. If you really think about it, Rosewood has perhaps one of the most

Necessity is the Mother of Mastering Drupal

Published July 22, 2018
A Drupal Career Online Case Study A lack of off-the-shelf eCommerce software products that could meet the unique needs of her family’s biotech manufacturing company was a real issue for Lisa Streeter. “We’re not a big enough company to afford large, custom database solutions, so we needed to figure out how to do everything in-house,” she explains. (Lisa’s work responsibilities included everything computer-related, and “some other stuff.”) That’s how it started, but instead of just a solution, Lisa Streeter wound up with a whole new, fulfilling career. Her initial quest for a database solution quickly began to grow her fascination

Roadtrip(s)! Learn DDEV with us this summer at an event near you

Published May 27, 2018
This summer, we're taking the all-new "Upgrading your local development environment with DDEV" lesson from our 12-week Drupal Career Online class and bringing it with us as we visit three different Drupal events around the USA. At each event, we'll be presenting it as a full-day workshop at no- or (very) low-cost to event attendees.

Learning Made Easier Leveraging Drupal's Social Construct

Published February 19, 2018
When I walk along with two others, from at least one I will be able to learn. – Confucius Drupal development as a career is usually also a commitment to constant learning through ongoing professional development. Whether you make it a point to read blog posts or watch screencasts, sign up for some type of live-instructor training, or partake in co-working and meet-ups, on-going learning is a critical piece to being a professional Drupal developer. Years ago, when DrupalEasy was presenting our Drupal Career Technical Education program exclusively in-person (now Drupal Career Online ), the lab-portion (where we met in

Top 5 List of Top Ten Lists about Drupal Talent & Careers in the U.S.

Published January 31, 2018
As trainers, feeders of the Drupal Talent pipeline, and researchers of strategies to attract and build the numbers and excellence of Drupal talent across the world, we spend a lot of time finding and training people in the ways of Drupal. Through resources , Mike Anello's many sessions and trainings at Camps and Cons, and through our flagship Drupal Career Technical Education program, we pursue our passion to teach more people Drupal. We think we have the training side of this down, but like the Drupal Community's general shortage of talent, it’s finding more people that is the challenge. Why

What "The Last Jedi" can teach us about learning Drupal

Published January 16, 2018
Spoiler alert! If you haven't seen “The Last Jedi” yet, this blog post includes what can be considered a minor spoiler. I've seen the movie a few times now (I saw the original Star Wars movie when I was 7 years old, and I've been hooked ever since), and I've been able to fully indoctrinate at least one of my kids in my love for the series. When we first saw the movie on opening night, there was a line of dialog that resonated with me more than usual - I've been thinking about that line for over a month

Mastering Pantheon Workflows (especially these 5 elements) is Awesome

Published January 9, 2018
The following is a guest blog post by Brian Coffelt . Train to Reign I’m surprised often by the slow adoption rate of quality development workflows. Time probably plays a big part. One thing I have experienced though, is that in order to get the full value of tools, especially software, you really need to spend the time learning how to use them properly. Since I changed my career to become a Drupal developer, I haven’t had a day of regret, nor a day when I did not realize that the key to success is learning more: More about the

Drupal Career Online, Fall 2017 Graduates!

Published December 26, 2017
We'd like to introduce the Fall, 2107 graduates of Drupal Career Online (DCO), DrupalEasy's exclusive 12-week, live online Drupal training program. This is our 11th graduating class and the first of our recently updated all Drupal 8 curriculum. Class members include (from top, left): Michael Anello (instructor) Adrian Nolt Lisa Streeter Jared Nolt John MacDonald Steve Versteeg Alona Kotliar Evrim Campbell Donald Sangster Madeeha Kahn (below) While many of this semester's graduates have pre-existing full-time jobs, several are aspiring Drupal contractors and consultants, so if you're looking for a junior level Drupal developer or intern, don't hesitate to let us

How do I learn Drupal?  Let me count the ways.

Published August 22, 2017
Resources to learn Drupal are many and certainly vary in delivery, focus and quality. When you are trying to figure out the best way to train up, considerations like schedules, learning styles, and trainer reputations play pretty heavily. You also need to look at the program and compare it to what you already know, what you need to know, and what you should know to get into practice as quickly possible. One of the biggest obstacles is often finding, and then choosing the training program(s) that are right for you, and perhaps your team. But what if you didn’t have

Becoming a First-Rate Web Developer; Heart in the Game, Eye on the Prize

Published July 30, 2017
We've had more than 100 students complete our 12-week Drupal Career long-form training since 2011, working with individuals, teams, young and old, men and women, all with different backgrounds, abilities, motivations and aspirations. We've seen talents explode, helped keep people engaged and even watched interest fizzle. About the only constant is that everyone in every class wants to or needs to learn Drupal, whether they have decided on their own, or need to build their Drupal talent as part of a developer team. Every so often, we run into a student who really brings to life our vision of what