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Started in 2009, the DrupalEasy Podcast is a weekly review of new developments and announcements in the worldwide Drupal community with regular appearances by notable Drupal community contributors. Rotating co-hosts Andrew Riley, Anna Kalata, Kelley Curry, Michael Anello, Ryan Price, and Ted Bowman bring their collected experience and geeky obsessions to the virtual airwaves to enlighten, inform, and (sometimes) entertain Drupal hobbyists and professionals around the world. Subscribe in iTunes, Stitcher, directly from our feed, or your favorite podcast directory.

DrupalEasy Podcast 183 - Higher Ed - Shawn DeArmond

(Shawn DeArmond) is a web architect at UC Davis in Sacramento, California. Ryan and Anna interview Shawn about the Drupal Higher Ed summits at DrupalCon and BADCamp, and discuss news from the past week, including Dreamweaver, Drupal 7.50, the "boy who cried wolf" nature of a recent security advisory, picks of the week, and five questions.

July 30, 2016

DrupalEasy Podcast 180 - Pimping GovCon (Sarah Thrasher - GovCon)

Sarah Thrasher (sarahjean), front-end developer with Acquia, joins Andrew (remember him?), Kelley, and Mike to discuss the upcoming Drupal GovCon, what is means to be a junior developer, how the Drupal community is helping to make sure our community members stays healthy, and we bid farewell to Mike using the word "pimp". All that and our picks of week and five questions!

July 01, 2016

DrupalEasy Podcast 178 - Rifftrax - Erik Peterson

Rifftrax is the movie commentary web product from former members of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (powered by Drupal). Erik Peterson (torgospizza) is the Lead web architect, art “director”, sometimes-writer (marketing and social media copy) for the site. Mike and Ryan interview Erik about the cultural phenomenon which is also a verb (to "MiSTy" a film is to watch it while riffing).

June 07, 2016

DrupalEasy Podcast 177: New Orleans Day 3

Hosts Ryan Price, Mike Anello, Kelley Curry and Anna Kalata are joined by guests Jason Pamental, David Hwang and sometimes co-host Steve Edwards for a DrupalCon New Orleans wrap-up. We also reinvigorate our meetership with David Snopek of our sponsor MyDropWizard.com and hear about the Drupal 6 funeral parade.

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May 19, 2016

DrupalEasy Podcast 176: New Orleans Day 2

Hosts Ryan Price, Mike Anello, Kelley Curry and Anna Kalata are joined by guests Suzanne Dergacheva (of Evolving Web) Dave Hall (of the newly anointed Drupal 8 Workflow Initiative) and Steve Edwards to discuss Day 2 of DrupalCon. Ryan also breaks into interviews with Symfony's creator, Fabien Potencier, and the local New Orleans Drupal community representative, Eric Schmidt. Finally we hear some fun non-Drupal things each panelist did in the week.

Check in later this week for more episodes from DrupalCon New Orleans 2016.

May 19, 2016

DrupalEasy Podcast 175: New Orleans Day 1

Hosts Ryan Price, Mike Anello, Ted Bowman and Kelley Curry are joined by guests Mike Herchel (of the Lullabot Podcast) and Steve Edwards (formerly of the Acquia Podcast) to discuss the events on Day 1 of DrupalCon. We start with the Prenote and Driesnote, and then discuss sessions each person was interested in throughout the day.

Check in later this week for more episodes from DrupalCon New Orleans 2016.

May 12, 2016

DrupalEasy Podcast 174 - Floss Belt (Ryan Szrama - Drupal Commerce)

Ryan Szrama (rszrama), President and CEO of Commerce Guys, project leader of Drupal Commerce, and proud ex-Best Buy Geek Squad member joins Ryan, Ted, and Mike for a comprehensive discussion Commerce Guys' recent relaunch as a standalone company, and the current development progress of Drupal Commerce for Drupal 8. We also discussed Drupal 8.1, a potential future for the theme layer, the absolute correct pronunciation of "Szrama", and a big announcement from Ted.

May 02, 2016

DrupalEasy Podcast 173 - Secret Bunker (Peter Wolanin, Cathy Theys - Drupal Security Team)

Cathy Theys (yesct) and Peter Wolanin (pwolanin) from the Drupal Security Team join Anna Kalata and Mike Anello to discuss the origins, evolution, and efforts of the team. Peter and Cathy discuss how to report potential security issues, how issues are handled within the team, and how they prioritize potential contributed module security issues. In addition, we discuss Drupal from the outside-in, Cathy's travel schedule, secret bunkers, the need for us to keep Peter busy in the Drupal community (seriously), Mike's slow loss of control, customers who contribute, and how Drupal might be related to the Panama Papers. As if that wasn't enough, we give Cathy control of the five questions - let the fun begin!

April 08, 2016