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Ubercart Training in Orlando

You can still register for DrupalEasy’s end of summer full day workshop on the How-To of the impressive Ubercart set of modules in Orlando on August 21st . Coffee and Carbs will rev you up at 9 am for a full day of getting up to speed on these useful ecommerce tools including shipping, payment, shopping cart and related functions. The day starts with a detailed explanation of Ubercart, how you can use it to sell physical and downloadable products, and charge for online events and site access. You’ll learn about the core components such as shopping cart, payments support, shipping support and order processing, as well as optional features like setting up affiliate programs, integrating Quickbooks and providing discount coupons. This is the final in our summer hometown no frills series available for of $124. Register today !

RDF in Drupal: The Future - RDF in Drupal 7

We've seen in the previous four articles that RDF has the potential to be a game-changer when it comes to linked data on the web. The fact that is it an open standard, easy to understand, and implementable on sites from those powered by the most complex web applications to simple hand-built web pages makes it easy to understand why so many people are starting to look at RDF as one of the future cornerstones of the web. Luckily for the Drupal community, our fearless leader Dries Buytaert recognized this in 2008 and suggested that Drupal take the lead in implementing RDF among open source content management systems. Since then, a number of individuals have stepped up and committed to working to get RDF functionality in Drupal 7. The Semantic Web group on is the focal point of the work that is going on in this effort. Earlier this year, they posted a video about what will be possible when RDF functionality is available. They showcased advanced search results and the ability to navigate the relationships that RDF triples provide with HTML documents.

DrupalCon DC: Wrapup

After a decompression-Sunday with some friends in the DC area, I made my way back to sunny Florida today ready to start taking advantage of some of my new-found Drupal knowledge. Once I dug out of my piled-up mail and dirty laundry, I decided to summarize the rest of the 'Con. So, here goes...

Mike's Top 5 DrupalCon DC Sessions to Check Out

As part of our second podcast (which may or may not have been posted yet), Ryan, Andrew, and I discussed which of the DrupalCon DC sessions each of us were most looking forward to. In the interest of time (and retaining listeners), we each only talked about a couple. Here's my full top 5: 1. Advanced Ubercart Usage - Friday, 3PM - Ryan Szrama - I've built a few Ubercart-based sites in the past, but they've always been very simple implementations. I'm really looking forward to seeing what else this module is capable of. 2. Drupal and the Geospatial Web - Wednesday, 1:45PM - Jeff Miccolis - Location-based services always perk my interest. I've been using the GMap module for quite some time, but it doesn't always fit my needs. The folks at Development Seed have done some really neat work in this area and I'm looking forward to learning more. 3. Why I Hate Drupal - Friday, 9AM - James Walker - I've never seen a James Walker session I didn't like. I'm looking forward to hearing what parts of Drupal he'd like to see improved. 4. The Next Decade - Friday, 4:45PM - Karoly Negyesi and David Strauss - chx , 'nuff said. One of Drupal's biggest brains, I'm looking forward to once again realizing how little I actually know. 5. Building a Frankenstein monster & how to maintain it - Thursday, 1:45PM - Morton (King of Parties) - Everyone who's built more than a couple of Drupal sites has seen a theme grow out-of-control. Any tips I can pick up to prevent it from happening in the future is worth an hour of my time. I'm disappointed that there are no sessions involving the Rules or Workflow modules. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a BoF session or two...