Web Development and Drupal Training for Library Professionals

###DrupalEasy Gets Libraries!

Whether you are looking into Drupal as a framework for your library web project, or you need to get your staff up-to-speed on the many features of Drupal, our catalog of training courses specific to public and academic library professionals is a great place to start. Our courses include stand up and virtual programs that can be arranged for staff, association groups, and individuals where and when works best for you.

Mike Anello was one of the best, most articulate, expert presenters of any workshop I have ever taken in over 20 years of librarianship!

Course offerings are not limited to our tried-and-true full day, half-day, and live webinars listed in our catalog. We are happy to create custom Drupal courses to meet specific needs. Please download our Library Training Catalog below, take a look at the available courses and contact us directly if you would like more information or to schedule library Drupal training for your organization.

###Our Training Covers it All

DrupalEasy has a variety of affordable programs for Library staff that cover beginner to advanced topics. We are also happy to develop custom workshops for your specific needs.

###Librarians Love Us!

We’ve been training library professionals and building library Drupal sites for years, with repeat business from libraries playing a major role in our programs. Check out some of the feedback we’ve received from library professionals who have attended our courses:

Clear, knowledgeable, a wonderful resource. I enjoyed getting into the CSS back-end of Drupal. Showed me how much more we need to know!
The presenter was fantastic! His slides were very easy to follow. I like the fact that he created a help sheet that provided links to more information that we could view at a later date. He continuously updated it during the class. Also, he was very interactive and gave us great assignments to test our knowledge. His explanations were very thorough.

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