Brian Coffelt

I can’t stress enough how crucial DrupalEasy in general has been to my overall career. I use the skills and workflows I acquired through DrupalEasy every day. DrupalEasy and work ethic have been my keys to success in web development. I would recommend DrupalEasy to any individual developer or team looking to either strengthen their current skill set or begin the career like myself...I'm so thankful I found DrupalEasy!

Drupal Career Online, Spring 2015 & Mastering Pantheon Workflows Spring, 2017

Carla Stoner

One of the best instructors I've had. Kept class interesting and informative. Was sincerely committed to having each student learn the material. I can not say enough good things about this instructor and this course.

Drupal Career Online, Fall 2015

John Cloys

Participating in the DCO program gave me the confidence and skills needed to expand my web development business, Clean Slate Partners, become a more active member of the Drupal community, specifically in New Jersey, and land a full-time Drupal Developer and Instructional Designer position with Rowan Global Learning & Partnerships of Rowan University.  I would highly encourage and recommend this course to anyone who has felt like they have hit a wall in their learning, wanting to fill any gaps of knowledge and concepts, or just looking to level-up their skills.  After graduating almost a year ago, the DCO alumni still gather regularly to discuss projects, work through challenges, and trade tips, tricks, and tools.

Drupal Career Online Fall 2015

R Langen Kamp

In earnest, Mike has been the best instructor of my adult education, his method/style of teaching are top notch and he has a professional presentation, patience, ability to articulate to a wide range of student understanding, personality, humor, and encouragement to participate creates a warm and VERY welcoming environment for learning and discussing ideas. We, the students, got the feeling that he truly cares.

Drupal Career Starer Program 2013 graduate

John Moore

The DrupalEasy program is excellent. The instruction and feeling of community during and post class are strong.

Drupal Career Starter Program 2013 graduate