Looking for Drupal Talent?

Work Exerience Drupal

DrupalEasy Academy is dedicated to helping passionate, motivated people become the best Drupal developers they can be. Would you like to meet them?

Part of our Drupal Career Online program for individuals includes helping to match qualified graduating students with organizations who would like to leverage new talent to help expand their Drupal bandwidth. Companies and organizations can have acess to well-trained talent through Work Experience (WE) Drupal.

Become a WE Drupal Host

WE Drupal allows you to test-drive eager, highly trained Drupal novices who seek to gain practical work experience by focusing their abilities on real world projects. Discover How it Works, and check out some Best Practices to make the experience the best it can be for you and your intern.

New Talent is On Tap

The intent of WE Drupal is for hosts to receive valuable work product while participants get practical, guided experience to jumpstart their careers. Check out the WE Drupal case study on New Horizons' experience to guage the benefits.

DrupalEasy Academy ensures that only technically proficient graduates qualify to participate in the WE Drupal intern experience.

Get Engaged

Toward the end of the the 12 week DCO, qualified students and potential WE Drupal Hosts are introduced so they can set up interviews. Companies can then offer the student an internship, usually for a recommended 6-10 week engagement. Some compensation is suggested, but some prospective interns are willing to work pro bono.

If you would like to explore WE Drupal, email your talent needs and any preferences to Gwendolyn Anello and we'll work with you to find and share the profiles of compatible Drupal Career Online program graduates. Profiles outline technical qualifications, as well as strengths and areas where graduates want to focus their talent.

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