Project Coaching

DrupalEasy Project coaching is a win for you, gaining confidence in yourself while buiilding knowledge, and a win for your project, by having his experience and foresight guide the project through all levels from start to finish.  – Carla Stoner, Iowa Public Employees' Retirement System

DrupalEasy Project Coaching and training services provides on-time instruction throughout any phase of your site development project. Whether you need assistance during discovery and planning, or technical assistance during development and migration, DrupalEasy is always there to ease the process. Our experience and teaching and guidance expertise helps to make sure you are not in a lurch, and always have an expert on hand to ensure your project is developed using best practices.

We are available for scheduled sessions from several per week to monthly, as well as on-call to provide an expert to walk you through the how-to's and any issues that may arise.  

Set up a Project Coaching arrangement that works best for you and your team:

  • Project-focused training: Individual and Team training sessions on specific topics you will need for your development project.
  • Ongoing project support: Scheduled sessions to review, guide and troubleshoot development of your project
  • On call coaching: Call, Skype or message an expert to provide on the fly assistance and guidance as needed.

Contact us to discuss how project coaching might work for you.