WE Drupal Hosts - How it Works


Organizations interested in leveraging the talent of DCO graduates as interns should contact Gwendolyn Anello (use the "Work Experience Drupal" topic) and outline their needs and preferences. We recommend that interns be paid minimal stipends, but compensation is not required for those graduates who agree to a pro bono arrangement. Check out options for intern compensation on the best practices page.

Hosts will have the choice of qualified participants who will have completed an intensive, 12-week Drupal Training Course through DrupalEasy Academy. Only those graduates who are deemed qualified to begin internships are eligible for WE Drupal.

WE Drupal hosts can expect that each DCO intern-candidate will have a strong foundation of Drupal core knowledge, commonly used contrib modules, and communication protocols (email, Skype, IRC). Students will also have introductory knowledge in a wide range of many other Drupal contributed modules and themes, modules and theme development, version control (Git), and other Drupal-related skills.

Not all DCO graduates are created equal - we encourage each student to explore niches that interest them, so some graduates may have a strong knowledge in module development, while other graduates may have in-depth knowledge of a particular Drupal distribution. During the matching process, potential WE Drupal hosts should do their due diligence to ensure a good match based on their business needs.


Potential hosts will have access to the profiles of qualifed DCO students, and will be introduced to those that they request to interview. Qualified WE Drupal participants and potential host companies will negotiate paid or unpaid internships for a recommended 6 - 10 week period. The placement process will involve the student and organizations. Students are located across the United States, and both virtual or on site, or a combination of working arrangements are possible.


Each WE Drupal Host should commit to guiding the participant according to program guidelines and best practices. WE Drupal Hosts are expected to provide active guidance in the form of regularly scheduled Skype or office hour contact sessions to ensure that the company gets the work products it expects and that the student is fully engaged in practical assignments.

During the internship period, (we recommend 6 - 10 weeks) with the guidance of an attentive supervisor, the intern will directly support business operations while honing their Drupal skills and gaining valuable experience. Hosts will guide activities and share expertise with the newly trained Drupaler who will work on projects as assigned.

Good Tip

There are several options that will make this a valuable opportunity for host organizations and students. Check out options for intern compensation on the best practices page to determine what will work best for your organization.