How Do I Start a Career in Drupal?

Learn, Engage, Practice

If you are interested in becoming a Drupal professional, there are a variety of paths you can take to becoming a marketable Drupal developer. Whether you choose to embark on self-instruction, subscribe to learning videos, or enroll in Drupal career training, we suggest you develop a path that will allow you to focus on the backbone of Drupal success:

  1. Skills – Learn, understand & begin working well with Drupal
  2. Community – Become acquainted & participate
    • Register at and discover what the community is up to.
    • Participate in Drupal events such as forums, regional camps, and local meet ups
    • Find a Drupal group that speaks to your interests and engage
  3. Experience – Get practical experience in building Drupal projects
    • Once you have the foundational skills, build a website
    • Participate on by writing documentation and testing
    • Find a company that might want your services as an intern

Seek Advice

You may want to learn about career success from those who are looking for new Drupal talent and those who have forged their own paths. We have compiled some great advice in a Drupal Career Blogpost series we call Information from the Experts:

You can get more first-hand insight from the stories of a few of the graduates of our Durpal Career programs:

Brian Coffelt, Drupal Developer

Linda Cook, Digital Media Developer

Doug Hercules, Web Development Consultant

Get Started

However you choose to go forward, take the first step. There are plenty of resources available through the Drupal Community. Of course, we can't help but encourage you to consider Drupal Career Online as a way to get your foundational skills, community introduction and hands-on experience relatively quickly!