Why a Career in Drupal?

Demand for Drupal talent is great

Those who build their Drupal skills and experience have a broad array of employment options including traditional jobs, virtual employment and contracting.  The Drupal content management system is being adopted by organizations of all sizes across the world, meaning more jobs in Drupal need to be filled. There is a huge shortage of qualified Drupal professionals worldwide, and demand for Drupal talent is anticiapted to stay high for quite some time. 

The Drupal CMS currently powers more than one million websites and applications from simple commerce sites to high profile, highly effective sites for the federal government. It is also becoming the platform of choice for tens of thousands of highly interactive, content rich sites such as weather.com, examiner.com, lifetimetv.com, grammys.com and many Sony music artist sites.

Learn how a few DrupalEasy career program graduates have leveraged their talents to become highly marketable as a Digitial Media Developer, a Web Developer, and a Web Development Consultant.

Community engagement is rewarding 

Drupal has grown worldwide because of the quality and continued enhancements made to the software by thousands of dedicated professionals in the Drupal Community who recognize its potential and choose to improve and promote it. It’s growth has been on the wings of inspired small firms and independent contractors rather than through staff software engineers at one or two large companies that have been assigned to the project.

Because of this unique development path, the people who master, develop and promote Drupal have grown into a loyal community, where trust and cooperation continues to grow as they rely on one another to maintain the quality of their software and assist one another on projects large and small. One of the main efforts of the group is to grow the community so that there are more professionals capable of handling the explosive demand for Drupal projects.