Welcome to the DrupalEasy Learning Community

DrupalEasy Learning Community

The DrupalEasy Learning Community grew out of DrupalEasy’s commitment to:

  • Teach comprehensive Drupal knowledge & best-practice skills
  • Teach and integrate community engagement in everything that we do
  • Provide comprehensive resources for lifelong learning

We are students, alumni, mentors, instructors, contributors, scholarship sponsors and supporters actively engaged in furthering our and each other’s knowledge of Drupal and enriching the overall Drupal Community. Everyone who is part of this learning-minded cooperative thrives on getting better, expanding our knowledge and supporting those around us in all that is Drupal.

The DrupalEasy Learning Community has developed to include eight supporting features that augment course curriculum and that are designed to create a holistic learning experience and engage students to excel in the Drupal ecosystem:

DrupalEasy Office Hours

Office hours are key to making and maintaining connections and friendships around learning Drupal. Current students and all alumni are welcome to join our weekly office hours to work through issues, ask and answer questions and learn from others. It’s a great way for students to stay connected in an informal, very useful way.

DrupalEasy Community Mentors

Another original feature of Drupal Career Online that makes a huge difference to many students are the amazing members of the Drupal community who generously donate their time to provide mentorship to current Drupal Career Online students. Many of these mentor/mentee relationships remain ongoing after the student completes the course.

DrupalEasy Scholarship Partners

A more recent development of the DrupalEasy Learning Community is the scholarship program supported by web development agencies, the Drupal Association, and other organizations that underwrite tuition for qualified students who also have the opportunity to join the providing organization as an intern or junior developer after graduation.

DrupalEasy Curriculum Updates

Just like Drupal, DrupalEasy curriculum is always evolving. As such, students and alumni have access to curriculum updates for the courses they have completed, which include class slides, lesson guides, and videos. We frequently hear from alumni who revisit lessons long after they graduate in an effort to keep their skills fresh and up to date.

DrupalEasy Event Gurus

Attending a Drupal event for the first time can be a bit scary and overwhelming, so we’ve set up a way to make things a bit less daunting for those who would like some guidance. Alumni who would like some support simply fill out a form, and we introduce them to someone (a well seasoned Drupal event guru) who is attending the same event and is willing to show them the ropes. The goal is to have the guru provide suggestions, introductions, and a friendly face at events.

DrupalEasy Alumni Network

Starting with the very first class of Drupal Career Online, we strive to welcome students as new members of the Drupal community by continuously introducing them to more and more members within it, including their community mentors and our alumni (via shared office hours and our dedicated Slack workspace.) Our caring alumni make students and each other comfortable as they attend Drupal events, grow their networks and join the Drupal community Slack workspace.

DrupalEasy Community Grants

Drupal Career Online’s alumni community is special to us, and so, we have created the DrupalEasy Community Grants program with them in mind. Any alumni family, friends and co-workers are eligible for DrupalEasy Legacy Grants to help them experience our career technical education program (the DCO) and our continuing education programs including long-form courses and workshops (those where we control enrollment.) Alumni Grants for other DrupalEasy training (again, where we control enrollment) are also available. In addition, we always try to show the love to our alumni themselves who steer friends and co-workers to our long-form program, with what we hope are thoughtful recognition. We also provide Group and Team Grants for those who seek to take our courses and join our DrupalEasy Learning Community in numbers.

DrupalEasy Industry Introductions

For any graduates who are looking for employment, we try to provide introductions and pass along opportunities for positions as we become aware of them. We continually receive requests from a variety of organizations who are looking to hire Drupal Career Online graduates. This usually comes in the form of introductions to DrupalEasy partners who have job openings, one-on-one guidance, and resume reviews. 

In addition, we also provide mock interview opportunities with industry volunteers for any students who are interested.  Both the interviewer and interviewee are provided with a mock, entry-level Drupal job description in preparation for the 30-minute mock interview. Following the interview the interviewer provides direct feedback to the interviewee. 

DrupalEasy is proud to be the hub of this enriching learning community, and of the hundreds of alumni who are successful Drupal professionals working all over the world. If you would like to discuss the DrupalEasy Learning Community, our courses or project coaching, please contact us!