WE Drupal Student and Host Guidelines

WE Drupal Students

In order for DCO students to participate in WE Drupal, they must:

  • Agree to work pro bono or arrange compensation through the host
  • Complete DCO attendance requirements
  • Complete all DCO assignments and program requirements 
  • Possess and demonstrate the requisite skills and abilities as determined by DrupalEasy Academy for practical work experience
  • Commit to working the full internship period and required hours as required by the host organization

WE Drupal Hosts

WE Drupal Hosts should:

  • Commit to at least 5 hours per week of contact time with the WE participant
  • Assign meaningful tasks and provide valuable guidance to the intern
  • Provide periodic updates on participant progress to DrupalEasy Academy
  • Provide a brief overview of the intern's performance at the end of the internship