Blue Collar Views

Blue Collar Views will teach students how to quickly and effectively leverage one of the most popular contributed modules. Views is used by more than 1,000,000 sites around the globe, so being able to wield its awesome power is a necessary skill for site builders of all levels. This course will not only teach the basics of Views, but will also teach students how to quickly use what they learned on real-world sites.

The morning portion of the course will focus on the fundamental parts of Views including fields, filters, sorts, formats and displays. After lunch, the students will learn some of the advanced features of Views including contextual filters and relationships. In addition, they'll learn to utilize several popular contributed modules that integrate with Views to create slideshows, carousels, and calendars.

Skill Level
Intended Audience

A good foundational knowledge of core Drupal including content types and fields, taxonomy, and user profiles.