LAMP Administration for Drupal Production

Long before the birth of the Internet, Bell Labs gave UNIX to the world. Now a majority of the world's websites use this system and its cousin, Linux, to host sites and enable developers to work more efficiently with a time-tested and often-dreaded tool: the command line.

Gain confidence with the keyboard by practicing on a "sandbox" environment during this site administration course. In this full-day course, you'll learn about:

  • Setting up Drupal Multi-site installations
  • Keeping multiple copies of your Drupal site in sync - using default Views, Features and configuration settings stored in code
  • Administering Drupal from the command line with the powerful Drush package manager
  • Practical subversion (SVN) use - resolving conflicts, branch/merge, properties, externals
  • Essential SSH and FTP for remote administration
  • MySQL command line basics
  • Navigating your server with bash shell (UNIX)
  • UNIX file permissions, users and groups
  • Setting up a .bash_profile and aliases for common commands
  • Transforming processes into a single word with bash scripts
  • How to find and tweak (and backup) your server configuration
  • Introduction to AWK scripts and UNIX Pipes
  • Server backup with Backup and Migrate, SCP, Amazon S3 and Cron

This course can be easily adapted to Windows environments, or to train teams who are more used to administering systems in a Microsoft environment.

Skill Level
Intended Audience
Site administrators
Site managers

Advanced computer skills, some knowledge of programming is helpful, basic Drupal site administration.