Scholarship Sponsor MOU Template

Memorandum of Understanding

For [sponsoring organization] & DrupalEasy 

Scholarship Program Collaboration




Points of Contact 

[sponsoring organization]: DrupalEasy: 

Gwendolyn Anello, president

[email protected]



This Memorandum of Understanding has been entered into this XX day of XXXXX, 2022 between [ORGANIZATION] and DrupalEasy. The goal is to develop and execute a sustainable program to help create a reliable, diverse, talent pipeline for [ORGANIZATION], and by extension, the Drupal Community. 

(1) Introduction & Purpose:

[ORGANIZATION], with locations in XXXX, is looking to support career training for those without the resources who are seeking careers in Drupal, with special attention on members of historically under-represented groups in Tech. that are interested in becoming  members of [ORGANIZATION] team. This effort will serve to assist [ORGANIZATION] in bolstering its Drupal talent bench while fulfilling its mission to create a team that reflects its culture of diversity and inclusion; and 

DrupalEasy, a woman-owned small business focused on Drupal talent development and consulting located in Cocoa, FL, offering Drupal Career Online, an established 12-week career technical education certificate program in Drupal. The course, which offers a proven, comprehensive Drupal career foundation, is a certificate program licensed by the Commission for Independent Education, Florida Department of Education (#4918.) It provides 84 hours of curriculum and 48 hours of available co-working/office hours and extensive learning resources. DrupalEasy strives to work with members of the Drupal Community to secure scholarships, mentors and work-experience opportunities for those students who seek them;

Intend to establish an active collaboration to develop a sustainable program that provides comprehensive Drupal career preparation and hands-on experience for diverse candidates eager and qualified to begin careers in Drupal development through DrupalEasy training and work experience opportunities at [ORGANIZATION]. [ORGANIZATION] and DrupalEasy will work together to recruit, train, mentor and provide initial job experience for X candidates per year, X in each of the Spring and Fall 202X sessions of Drupal Career Online.

(2) Scope & Resources:

The program will include:

  • Recruiting, training, mentoring and providing work experience through internship/apprenticeship for up to X [ORGANIZATION] Scholars per year, as specified by [ORGANIZATION].
  • Funding in the form of a [ORGANIZATION] Scholarships totalling $3,900 in support of program hard costs
  • [ORGANIZATION]/DrupalEasy combined in-kind efforts to support development, execution and success of the program as outlined.

3.0  Process & Flow:

[organization] and DrupalEasy will work together to work through  the steps needed to secure scholarship recipients for each session of Drupal Career Online to which the sponsor commits; making their best efforts to maintain the agreed upon schedule and working together to adjust the plan as opportunities and challenges arise. 

 DrupalEasy Scholarship Program Process

3.1 Recruitment

3.2 Selection

3.3 Training & Mentoring

3.4 Work Experience

3.1 Recruitment

Recruitment includes all outreach efforts and formal applications that specify the applicant’s desire to be considered for scholarships to attend Drupal Career Online.

3.1.1 Recruiting

DrupalEasy works individually and collectively with all scholarship sponsors to create an outreach program that promotes the scholarship program to prospective target audiences in an effort to maximize the number of qualified applicants. Strategies include blog posts, social media, promotion of Taste-Of-Drupal course information mini-webinars, sponsored link promotions in The Weekly Drop, materials provided at DrupalCamps and other events, the DrupalEasy Newsletter and website. The DrupalEasy website includes a Scholarship program page that provides an overview and links provided by each sponsor. Sponsors are encouraged to utilize their individual outreach resources and networks to encourage applications. 

3.1.2 Application Process

Candidates complete and submit a DrupalEasy DCO application form, or a DrupalEasy-approved form collected and shared with DrupalEasy by the sponsoring organization. Candidates indicate on the application for which sponsor program(s) they would like to be considered.

DrupalEasy encourages all organizations to utilize the standard Drupal Career Online application as the starting point for all applicants so that the candidates are assured that their qualifications can be determined according to the standards that all course applicants are measured against. It is important that all candidates who are put forth to scholarship providers are vetted by DrupalEasy for prerequisite knowledge and ability to be successful in the course, and in turn, a career in Drupal. All candidates for all sponsored scholarship programs submit a DrupalEasy application or an organization application that includes all information required to apply for the DCO. On DrupalEasy applications, students have the opportunity to indicate the organization(s) scholarships for which they would like to be considered. DrupalEasy vets and processes all candidate applications as they are submitted. Organizations that utilize their own DrupalEasy-approved applications present them to DrupalEasy as soon as they are received. Once applications are received, DrupalEasy screens each application to ensure that every scholarship candidate put forth to sponsors has the ability to be successful in the course. Applicants who are not qualified are provided with information and resources to work on their own to learn prerequisite skills and knowledge to perhaps apply for a subsequent session of the DCO. DrupalEasy interviews screened prospective candidates one-on-one and/or at one of the Taste-of-Drupal Information webinars. DrupalEasy determines acceptance status:

  • Applicants who are accepted are notified and presented to sponsors.
  • Applicants who have a few areas that they need to learn before the course begins are accepted by DrupalEasy contingent on completion of pre-work provided by DrupalEasy, notified and presented to sponsors as contingent. 
  • Applicants who are not qualified are provided with information and resources to work on their own to learn prerequisite skills and knowledge to perhaps apply for a subsequent session of the DCO. DrupalEasy forwards applications and interview notes of each accepted (either confirmed or contingent) candidate to the sponsors selected by the applicant. DrupalEasy informs each un-accepted applicant, and in most cases provides information and resources so that the candidate can work on prerequisite requirements and apply for a subsequent session of the course. 

3.2 Selection

Candidates who are accepted to the DCO, either confirmed or contingent, are presented to the sponsoring organization(s) specified by each candidate. Each sponsor conducts their own selection process from the vetted pool of participants based on the organizations’ needs and hiring parameters. 

3.2.1 DrupalEasy provides scholarship sponsorships with the applications and interview notes of all relevant vetted, qualified candidates. Candidates are presented as confirmed accepted, or accepted once they have completed the Drupal-Easy provided pre-work. In the case of contingent candidates, pre-work and sponsor selection processes run concurrently to ensure enough time for both before the course begins. 

3.2.2 Sponsors utilize their own selection process for candidates after reviewing DCO application and interview notes.  

3.2.3 Sponsors select and rank candidates, and make scholarship offers. (If a candidate does not accept, sponsors may, time permitting, make offers to other candidates or choose to not participate in the current session of the DCO.) Final acceptance to the DCO by DrupalEasy for contingent candidates must be assured before candidates are offered scholarships. 

3.2.4 Candidates accept/select scholarship offers.

3.2.5 Sponsors inform DrupalEasy who they will be sponsoring for the session.

3.2.6 DrupalEasy provides Scholarship recipients with enrollment materials. 

3.2.7 Scholarship recipients enroll in the DCO. (includes signing an enrollment form with contact information and providing proof of age.)

3.2.8 Sponsor invoiced for the tuition of their Sponsored participants.

3.3. Training and Mentoring

DrupalEasy is committed to providing the most comprehensive training, access to enriching learning resources and career professional & technical support to every participant in Drupal Career Online to ensure every student can reach their potential as a member of the Drupal Community.

3.3.1 Drupal Career Online

DrupalEasy provides the training and affiliated resources to all scholarship recipients through its Spring and Fall session of Drupal Career Online every year. DrupalEasy provided periodic updates to keep sponsors informed of the progress of their scholarship recipients.  In addition, if participants are having any issues, DrupalEasy is happy to work with the student, the sponsor and in some cases the student’s mentor to overcome the challenges and provide input and, as possible, also offers additional help to the student. 

3.3.2 Mentoring

Each scholarship sponsor provides a mentor for each participant that they sponsor, unless other arrangements are coordinated with DrupalEasy. 

3.4  Work Experience

It is the option of the scholarship provider to offer their sponsored participants with work experience opportunities. DrupalEasy encourages all sponsors to create a process and ongoing program to ensure graduates of the program are able to gain the valuable work experience that is key to success.

For those sponsored participants that do not have an opportunity to work with/for their sponsoring organizations, DrupalEasy does our best to provide introductions to other organizations who may have internship or junior developer opportunities available. 


(4) Contacts:


The following individuals will be primary contacts for each organization:

[Organization Contact]                                      Gwendolyn Anello



(5) Commitment:


This MOU is understood and agreed to by both parties on this day, XX day of  XXX, 202X, as witnessed by the signatures below. None of the provisions of this MOU is legally binding on either party; rather, this document is intended to be a non-binding memorandum of understanding that will be pursued in good faith by both parties.



NAME                                                Gwendolyn Anello

[organization] DrupalEasy